Our service

Graham House Removals is a family owned business operating in south east QLD and northern NSW for over 30 years. Having moved countless numbers of homes our reputation has been built on quality and reliability with word of mouth from satisfied clients providing us with a reputation second to none. Our experienced staff can guide you through every aspect of moving your own home or purchasing a home from Graham House Removals.


Our homes are delivered from the existing site to your new site. This provides better savings for our clients avoiding storage costs. There are no dealers or agents involved, our homes are supplied as a package which includes the cost of the home, removal and restumping on your property. All base prices are to within 100km radius of Lismore and are restumped lowset (600mm). The cost of high-set relocation will be subject to engineering specifications. If a new roof is required it will be included and stated in the price and supplied and fitted by us.


Graham House Removals will purchase your home. Contact us to arrange one of our expert team to appraise your home.

Why a removalable home?

You can see what you are getting before purchase.

Generally cheaper than a new home.

Why Us

Our commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients has given us a reputation that cannot be surpassed in the house relocation industry. We are members of the Housing Industry Association and are currently the only House movers in northern NSW to have a fully hydraulic trailer specifically designed for house relocation.