House Removal – FAQ’s

How much will it cost?

Prices vary depending on the size and quality of the supplied home, for further information please view the for sale section or contact us.

Can you move my house?

If you require advise on whether your home is suitable for removal or if your site is suitable one of our team can give you a free quote and site inspection.

Will you buy my house?

Graham House Removals is always sourcing homes with the intention of purchasing. We will give you fair market price for your home and expert advice of the process.

House lifting

We also offer House lifting and restumping services. Most lifts require council approval and engineers details. To enable us to properly price your job engineers details will be required at the time of pricing. Please contact us for a free quote.

Council approvals

Council approvals are required to relocate your house. Although we can offer advice to clients the approval process is not handled by us and is the responsibility of the owner.


Engineers details are required by most councils, the costs and organising of these are the responsibility of the owner. Graham house removals will liaise with engineers to promote an efficient result for each job.

How long will it take?

Time frames depend on factors such as council approvals and availability of homes. For buyers a general time frame of around 4-8 weeks can be expected but can vary. For sellers an appropriate time frame can be given on inspection depending on the requirements of the owner.

Why purchase a removable home?

Generally a removal home should save you money, savings can be as much as 50% on the cost of building a new home. A removal home is a faster alternative to building and it will not matter if you are in town or in the country, the cost savings and efficiency of removal homes can save you thousands of dollars.

What other costs are involved?

Other costs associated with removal homes vary, our base price does not include reconnection of plumbing, electrical, stairs, or any repainting or renovations. Homes are delivered in as is condition unless otherwise stated.

How well built are removal homes?

The quality and workmanship in colonial homes is an art no longer practised in current mainstream building. Many long hours often only using hand tools master craftsmen transformed some of the regions best hardwood timbers into precision built homes.