House Lifting


The process is exactly what the name sounds like. In simple terms, the process involves lifting the house from its foundation. In some cases, the lift can be a precursor to relocating the building, but the process can also used to restump a house. When the building is lifted, it is possible to complete work under the property. Then, when the work is completed, the building can be lowered again.


The most common reason to lift your property is if you want to restump it. Restumping is the process by which your home’s foundation is improved. This way, when the building is lowered again, the foundation will be better stabilised and positioned. This can dramatically improve the overall steadiness of your property. Restumping may be done after the home shifts or other significant foundation damage has occurred. In addition to restumping, you may use the lift process to change the amount of space under your home. The home can be lifted for a taller foundation, and you can even place additional living or parking space under the home.


House lifting can only be done by professionals. These professionals must be thoroughly trained to handle the issues involved with hoisting a home all the way off its foundation. Obviously, the home must be kept steady and level or structural damage may occur. Since lifting is usually paired with other work, the home may need to remain elevated for several hours or several days. Because of this, the company must use proper equipment to stabilise the house. Galvanized steel and specially treated timber are excellent choices for the restumping process. After all, the home must have an especially secure foundation to sit on again after the lift is completed.

A lift is no small undertaking. Although the process may seem simple in theory, it requires a lot of expertise. The property must be thoroughly assessed in order to ensure that the building can be hoisted safely and secured above the foundation. The best equipment can be used to keep the building steady at all times, and the team needs to be able to properly assess the site in order to position the building correctly when the lift is over. Always look carefully at the company you choose, ensuring that it uses the best equipment and that it has a record of successful lifts. A lift is only a worthwhile process if done correctly, which is why this is not a time to neglect the details.

With all of these considerations, your choice should ultimately be simple. Graham House Removals worked in Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland for over 30 years, and our successes are visible all over the area. We will work with you to make sure all the details are accounted for in advance.

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